Do not fall for the Rio Olympics athletes will pay about 40 million rubles.

About 70 Russian athletes, which were not included in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro because of the removal of the track and field team will get the promotion for a total of about 40 ml RUB About the Agency “R-Sport” said the President of the Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Dmitry shlyahtin.

“Making payment of these funds is the Fund of support of Olympians. 40 million rubles – the sum on a very large number of people, about 70 people”, — quotes Agency of his word.

Shlyakhtin said that the prize will be determined on the basis of the featured athletes in the last season of results that will be compared with results shown by other athletes at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.

Awards to athletes, according to Slatina, will be “not moral compensation, namely, bonus for the shown results.” “If a person has shown the best result of the season in the world, has a result higher than winning at the Olympic games, perhaps, he is worthy of reward. It is just for political reasons could not these funds are earned by winning the Olympic games,” he explained.

The head of wfla added that the decision on payment has been made. The question, according to him, is likely to be settled and implemented within the next week.

Track and field athletics Russian national team was at full strength removed from the Olympic games in Rio amid a doping scandal. Russia at the Games was the only Russian athlete daliah Klishina, who would be allowed to speak because she trains and play in the United States.