Sechin has accused “Gazprom” in disrupting the timing of the launch of the refinery of “Rosneft” in Primorye

The Head Of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin

A plant without tubes

The construction of the Eastern petrochemical complex (VNHK), “Rosneft”, the first phase of which should start operating in 2020, may be postponed indefinitely due to the lack of linking the site to the gas pipeline of “Gazprom” and the failure of the monopoly to supply gas to the plant. This follows from two letters CEO of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin sent in June, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev (RBC has a copy of both letters).

He blamed the gas monopoly in disrupting the timing of the implementation of the road map construction COMPANY approved by the government order of 17 December 2015. A source in the Ministry of economic development of RBC confirmed the authenticity of these complaints.

“Rosneft” was going to start to build a COMPANY in Primorsky region in 2009, but the timing of the project has been repeatedly postponed, and changed its location. Now it is planned that the plant will be installed in the center of the town, and its first phase with the capacity of 12 million tons of oil refining will work in 2020. The second phase with production of 3.4 million tons of petrochemicals per year will launch in 2022, and the third phase (additional 12 million tonnes of oil and 3.4 million tons of petrochemical company) — in the fourth quarter of 2028. Assessment Sechin, investments into this project will amount to 1.5 trillion rubles a Partner of “Rosneft” COMPANY in June 2016, has become Chinese ChemChina (get 40%).

As stated in the letter from Sechin on June 21, the government instructed Gazprom to consider the application for issuance of technical conditions for connecting objects to the COMPANY main pipelines before the end of the first quarter of 2016. However, at the stage of approval inside “Gazprom” has prepared documents on this issue, the process was stopped, to the letter. Technical conditions of connection are not agreed on two “daughter” monopolies — “Gazprom invest gasification” and “Gazprom transgaz Tomsk”. These companies found it necessary to clarify the hydraulic calculation of the gas transmission system project due to the lack of a final decision on the construction of Nakhodka heat and power plant (designed to provide the COMPANY and the Primorsky Krai electricity), and demanded from “Rosneft” signed a contract for the transportation of its own gas to the COMPANY, the letter said.

Estimated volume of gas consumption of this power plant amounts to only 3% of the planned throughput of the gas transportation system of “Gazprom” in the far East, is blocked by the head of “Rosneft”. And the requirement to sign an agreement for the supply of domestic gas is “legally unjustified and illegal,” says Sechin. It is also contrary to the instructions of the government in the address of “Gazprom” to solve the problem of supplying natural gas project COMPANY, he says.

Gazprom controls more than 2/3 of the gas reserves of the Far East, or 1.3 trillion cubic meters of gas, of which 0.8 trillion cubic meters obtained without competition. And “Rosneft” the whole extracted gas supplies to consumers of the Sakhalin region, Primorsky and Khabarovsk territories, so its reserves will not be enough to close all the needs”. These arguments RBC on Thursday brought the official representative “Rosneft” (the hits he does not comment). In this regard, Sechin asks Medvedev to instruct the Ministry of energy and Gazprom to decide on the supply of the first two queues will be FORMED by the gas monopoly. Sechin stressed that the technical conditions for connection to the gas pipelines necessary for the successful completion of the state expertise of the COMPANY scheduled for the end of 2016. “The lack of such connection will lead to failure of terms of implementation of important projects for the country,” he concludes.

To date, developed a project of technical conditions for connection will be FORMED to gas-transport system “Gazprom”, said RBC official representative of “Gazprom”. Now the project passes the coordination in the structural units of Gazprom, he added.

Press Secretary, Natalya Timakova, declined to comment on the letter Sechin. She only noted that he had not seen the written instructions of Medvedev on this subject. However, for such order known to the source in Ministry of economic development. In his opinion, due to the fact that the complex is still not connected to gas pipelines, the timing of its construction may be delayed. The source of RBC in the Ministry of energy adds that these technical conditions at the beginning of September is not consistent.

For Rothenberg it is not a pity

Rosneft is trying to negotiate the purchase of gas from “Gazprom” for KSS has at least three years. So, in August 2013 who was then Vice-President of “Rosneft” Igor Pavlov in the letter to the head of “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz” Cyril Seleznev has informed that in 2021 or 2022 Rosneft will need for this project is 1.7 billion cubic meters of gas a year, in 2022-2028 years — 2.3 billion cubic meters, But Gazprom denies these requests due to their obligations for the gasification of the Primorye and the lack of available fuel supplies. In the letter to Medvedev Sechin said that in September of 2015, “Gazprom Mezhregiongaz found free resources to another buyer — National chemical group controlled by Arkady Rotenberg structures. Monopoly agreed starting from 2019, for 20 years to supply gas for part of Nakhodka mineral fertilizer plant, which is close to be FORMED. In 2021, the supply volume should amount to 3.15 billion cubic meters.

Built on time

Energy still on February 10, sent to the government report pointed out two variants of the gas supply COMPANY, the letter Sechin: at the expense of resources Rosneft or gas “Gazprom” in the event of monopoly free volumes. “Rosneft” considered the option of providing far Eastern complex of its own its gas, but considered that it is unprofitable from the point of view of logistics, says a source close to the oil companies would have to build a separate pipeline and connect it to the system of “Gazprom” that delays the project and makes it more expensive.

Despite its task to implement the state policy of energy actually evades from intervention in the situation with gas supplies on the COMPANY, considering this dispute between two business entities, says the head of “Rosneft” in the letter to Medvedev.

However, the official representative of the Ministry told RBC that the “road map” on implementation of COMPANY will not be revised. Events project implementation carried out in time, proposals for adjustments in the road map have not been confirmed by the official representative of the Ministry of economic development Elena laskina. She believes that joining the project ChemChina may affect the model of the project.

According to senior analyst of Sberbank CIB Valery Nesterov, the lack of technical conditions for connection to the pipelines of Gazprom may delay the approval of project documentation COMPANY for a period from several months to a year. The expert believes that to solve the dispute of the two companies under the terms of the gas supply to the plant should interfere with the government.