Rapper Ptah was released on his own recognizance

Rapper Ptah (David Nureyev), suspected of extremism, were sent on his own recognizance. It is reported by the lawyer Ilnur Sharapov, representing the interests of the musician, reported on the website of human rights organization “Agora”.

He said that on the morning of 8 September in the apartment of Ptah was searched, but nothing was discovered. After that, the musician went for interrogation, where he refused to testify. “The investigator wanted to take my subscription about nondisclosure. I refused. Rapper Ptah preventive measure in the form of a subscription about not departure”, — the defender added.

Bird is suspected of “inciting hatred or hostility against a group of people United on the basis of “assisting law enforcement authorities in the investigation and the arrest of criminals.” The reason for the criminal case were the statements of the rapper against activists “Antidialer” in the Moscow Club “16 tons” on September 23, 2015.

According to the website “Antidialer”, a project aimed at reducing the number of drug addicts. In September 2015 the activists detained together of rapper Guf at the concert, later he was fined 4.5 million rubles for the propaganda of drugs.