In Russia created a planned bomb Drill

NGO “Bazalt” has developed a plan to bomb “Drill”, not having analogues in the world. This was reported by General Director of the enterprise Vladimir Porhachev, reports TASS.

He said that the bomb has a range of planning 30 km, which means that the plane is not included in the affected area. “That is, the plane is not included in the affected area air defense relieves a product, and it is the goal itself. Navigation is carried out with the help of GLONASS,” — said Porhachev.

“I hope this year we will complete the state tests. There are no analogues in the world. Bomb without an engine”, he added.

On 6 September, the source TASS reported that on the basis of the transport Il-76 in Russia will create a plane that will be equipped with new laser weapons.

At the end of August OJSC “steel research Institute” has announced that it has developed a blanket to protect the population during the war. According to them, the new device is able to protect from fragments flying at a speed of 500 m/s.

In early August Roselektronika” announced that they have created a ferrite fiber designed to protect electronic devices of armored vehicles air defense systems and aircraft from the effects of electronic warfare (EW).