“VimpelCom” has appointed a new CEO

The new General Director of the Russian “VimpelCom” after the resignation of Mikhail Slobodin was the former head of Telenor Russia Kjell Morten Johnsen. This was reported on the website of the company. The decision on the appointment of jonsen takes effect “immediately” reported “Vympelcom”.

In early August Johnsen was appointed head of Vimplecom Ltd. (controlled by the Russian “VimpelCom”) on the company’s performance in key markets. Johnsen came from the Norwegian company Telenor, one of the largest shareholders of Vimpelcom Ltd. In Telenor’s Johnsen was Vice President and oversaw the European operations. In 2006-2009 he was head of Telenor Russia and a member of the Board of Directors of “VimpelCom” and then the head of Telenor in Serbia.

Member of the Board of Directors of the company “T Plus” Michael Slobodin has left a post of the head of “VimpelCom” after 5 September, the Investigative Committee announced that he is involved in case of bribery the former leadership of the Republic of Komi. In addition to slobodina defendants in the case were the head of the “T Plus” (up to 2015 of JSC “Integrated energy system, IES), Boris Vainzikher and managing Director and shareholder of group of companies “Renova” Yevhen olkhovyk. They were both arrested. It was noted that the location of slobodina a consequence of “sets”. He Slobodin said the newspaper “Vedomosti” that he planned a business trip in France and plans to return to Russia at the end of the week.

According to investigators, the defendants conveyed to the senior officials of the Republic of Komi bribes because they set the best rates for heat and electricity and benefits for other commercial activities. The total amount of bribes amounted to more than 800 million rubles.