London city airport closed due to protests on the runway

London city airport was forced to close after nine activists of the public movement Black Lives Matter UK chained themselves to each other on the runway, informs Bi-bi-si.

According to the Metropolitan police, the protest started at 09:40 GMT. In the result of arriving flights had to be sent to other airfields.

A spokesman for Scotland Yard said that its officers were negotiating with the demonstrators and waited for the arrival of experts with tools that can uncouple the protesters.

He added that it turns out how the activists got on the runway. In particular, it is assumed that they crossed the Thames by boat.

Airport city is popular with bankers and businessmen due to its close proximity to business district one Canada square-the Wharf, located in the former London docks. Last year his turnover grew by 4.3 million people.

International movement of Black Lives Matter (“black Life has meaning” was created four years ago after the murder in the US black teenager Trayvon Martin white volunteer assistant of police.

In a statement, the British branch of the movement it is noted that while the airport and the city of London enjoys a small group of people belonging to the elite, from the beginning of the year in the Mediterranean sea drowned 3176 migrants. Activists believe that migration caused by climate change, which in turn happen because of the activities of industrialized countries. In particular, demonstrators were protesting against the deportation of black people from the UK by Charter flight.

According to recent reports, police arrested seven of the protesters, and the airport is preparing to resume work.