Warner Bros. has detected pirated content on its website

Warner Bros. asked search engine Google to remove from the output of several pages from its own website, which allegedly infringe copyright, reports Torrent Freak. We are talking about pages dedicated to the movie “the Dark knight”, “the Matrix” and “Lucky.”

The film company also has demanded to remove from results links to these movies in online stores Amazon and Sky Cinema and in the film database IMDB.

The application to Google was filed by Vobile, which in the name of the film Studio sends hundreds of thousands of queries in the fight against network piracy. In total, according to Google, only search engine Vobile filed more than 13 million requests to remove links to pirated content, said Bi-bi-si.

According to Ernesto van der SAR from Torrent Freak, his actions, Warner Bros. involuntarily impede access to lawful content, which is hardly the intention of the film. He suggested that the application to Google were sent by mistake, as the pirate monitoring of resources is carried out using automatic systems who are looking for sites that violate copyrights.

Warner Bros. has not yet commented on the request to Google.