The media learned about voluntary refusal of the US ladder for Obama’s plane in China

The us delegation has refused to provide the ladder for the aircraft of President Barack Obama in China, where he arrived for the G20 summit. About this newspaper the South China Morning Post said a source in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the PRC.

He explained that the U.S. side complained that the driver speaks no English and does not understand safety instructions from the United States.

“So China has offered to provide an interpreter who would have helped the driver, but the US rejected this proposal and said that they don’t need a ladder,” — said the source publication.

Official who participates in the organization of diplomatic activities, stressed that this was not a case of exerting pressure China on Obama. The source, who declined to give his name because he has no right to talk to the press, explained that “China does not Bode well after a rough reception Obama.”

The newspaper notes that when Obama did not use the ladder with the red carpet, she was spread out before him, and he her walked to his limousine, which was delivered to China in advance.

Previously, the Agency, The Associated Press said that in Hangzhou airport, the Chinese side refused to provide gangway to the plane of Obama, so he had to use a small iron staircase of the liner. Obama himself, later commenting on the situation, said that he did not attach special significance