The Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg has offered to release on bail the catcher of pokemon

The Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Kirill

The Metropolitan of Yekaterinburg and Verkhoturye Kirill expressed his willingness to ask the police to release on bail a blogger Ruslan Sokolovsky, who was previously arrested for catching pokemon in the temple. It is reported Sign.

“I instructed to find out which currently have legal opportunity to affect the fate of this man. We are not blood thirsty, we just it is important that such actions do not spread further,” said Metropolitan Kirill.

He noted that if a blogger is released from jail, the representatives of the Yekaterinburg diocese “wasting her time”. Metropolitan Kirill added that members of the diocese want Sokolovsky participated in the work of the service of charity, “saw life from the other side”, and also was involved with assisting the disabled, elderly and children.

The Metropolitan said the Church will help Sokolovsky, if he is willing to accept such assistance. “If he says that he wants to suffer for his beliefs further, it will be his choice. If he gets released, we’d just like to have it deleted those movie clips where offended God and the virgin. As much as he can to insult me or someone else, but not God and the virgin. This would not be allowed in any country,” — said Metropolitan Kirill.

Also, the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman thanked in his Facebook of Metropolitan, that he will intercede for Sokolowski.

September 3, Kirovskiy district court of Ekaterinburg has arrested Sokolovsky. Sokolowski is charged under article 148 and 282 of the criminal code (insult of religious feelings and incitement to hatred).

Sokolowski decided to arrest after they published videos on YouTube in which a young man played a game of Pokemon Go in the Temple-on-Blood and criticized the Russian Orthodox Church, and the clericalization of Russian society.

He videobloger said in an interview with Sign that his clips he wanted to draw attention to the problem of clericalism in the country. “We are seeing a picture that is constantly going on around rare obscurantism. Even in schools teach religion. I, for example, have no right to come to Church and start there to teach evolution,” said Sokolowski. He noted that he believes that it has not violated laws.