Samsung stopped selling Galaxy Note 7 due to battery life issues

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung announced the suspension of sales of smartphones Galaxy Note 7 after discovering problems with the battery. About it reports Reuters, citing a company statement.

Samsung has promised that it will also replace the Galaxy Note 7, which have already been sold. In a statement, the company promised that it will take about two weeks. However, it is unclear when it will begin selling the device in the replaced battery.

“Bi-bi-si” cites a video posted on YouTube. It shows the smartphone with a significant screen damage from inflammation. The author of the video Ariel Gonzales claims that the phone is “lit up” after he unplugged the charger the Samsung. The smartphone, according to the user, was bought less than two weeks ago.

Earlier this morning the South Korean Agency YounHap also announced a “global review” Galaxy Note 7 after the fire phone while it is charging. During a press conference in Seoul Samsung representatives apologized for the problems with smartphones. They said that while it is not known what causes an ignition of the battery.

The representative of the company noted that out of a million already sold of the Galaxy Note 7 at 24 was discovered this fault. In total you are having issues with batteries already found 35 phones, the company said.

On Thursday, representatives of the company told Reuters that Samsung has postponed the start of deliveries of new Galaxy Note 7 to conduct new tests for quality control of products. However, the company then did not explain what was the reason for this decision.

Earlier in the week Samsung announced that it was suspending pre-orders for the smartphone Galaxy Note7 in Russia due to “unprecedented demand.” The company said that since August 2 the number of pre-orders exceeded the figures for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is more than three times. From 2 to 29 August, it was ordered 9 thousand units, with 70% of orders were confirmed, and 10% prepaid.

The sales of the Galaxy Note 7 was launched on August 19 in 10 countries around the world. In Russia smartphone sales were to begin on September 16.