Austria has asked Russia to ban “Victory” to sell tickets to Vienna

The Austrian Ministry of transport asked the Russian authorities to ban the airline “Victory” (loukoster “Aeroflot”) to sell flights on the route Moscow-Vienna. This requirement is documented in the Memorandum, which the aeronautical authorities of Russia and Austria, signed on 27 July in Vienna. On Friday, September 2, the Federal air transport Agency posted the document on the website.

“Winning sells tickets for the route Moscow-Vienna without a license for such shipment without having received permission, complaining about the aeronautical authorities of Austria. This behavior violates the bilateral agreements reached in the intergovernmental agreement in the field of air communications indicate that Austrian officials.

The Austrian delegation insists that “Victory” led their booking and sales of tickets in compliance with existing permits, according to the Memorandum.

“Victory” has no right to implement flights and selling tickets on the route Moscow-Vienna, agreed the representative of the Ministry of transport. According to him, the quota in this area is distributed between “Aeroflot” and his other “daughter” the airline “Russia”.

The representative of the “Victory” told RBC that the airline does direct flights to Vienna, and sells on the route Moscow-Vienna single ticket Fly&Bus (plane+bus). It implies the flight to Bratislava with further transfer to the Central railway station of Vienna by bus. The route was launched at the end of last year.

“Victory” violates the bilateral air transport agreement, even though that flies not in Vienna, and in Bratislava, told RBC representative of the Ministry of transport. He noted that to solve this problem at the last talks in July reached an agreement to increase the quota on this route to seven flights per week for each side. The airline “Victory” can participate in the competition for the allocation of these additional frequencies suggested by the representative of the Ministry of transport.

The company makes one such flight per day, from the data of the booking system on the website of “Victory”. The price for one-way ticket ranges from 3500 to 11500 roubles, depending on date of departure. The last flight via the website of “Victory” you can buy a ticket, scheduled for March 25, 2017.

“Victory” does not violate the intergovernmental agreement with Austria, I am sure, a source close to Aeroflot: the airline flies to Bratislava, bus to Vienna performs starinnaya organization.

“Victory” also sells the ticket Fly&Bus on the route Moscow-Milan. From the Italian aviation authorities claims have been reported, said the representative of the Ministry of transport. The question is, do “Win” any sanctions and whether canceled any flights, the representative of the Ministry of transport has forwarded to the Federal air transport Agency. A representative of the Department, declined to comment. In the Austrian Ministry of transport did not respond to a request RBC.

The situation is ambiguous, recognizes the head of analytical Department of Agency “AviaPort” Oleg Panteleev. But neither the Russian nor the Austrian aviation authorities have no grounds to ban the “Victory” is to fly to Bratislava, the expert said: “This is a series of science fiction”. Most likely, the conflict will be resolved after the “Victory” will be removed from their system the sales of the mention of Vienna as the destination of their flights, Panteleev assumes.