The head of the SBU invited everyone to visit the “secret prison” intelligence

The head of the security Service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak has invited everyone to visit the Sector of pre-trial security after reports of human rights defenders about “secret prisons SBU”. He stated this at a briefing in Kharkov, reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“We have no secret prisons of the SBU. We have a Department of providing a pretrial investigation in Kiev, who works for the Central office, and there are sectors of providing a pretrial investigation in several regions of Ukraine, in regional centers, including in Kharkiv”, — said Hrytsak.

He invited journalists to attend the pre-trial Sector providing on-site Management of SBU in the Kharkov area. According to him, on-site structure is the communication of investigators with suspects of terrorism and sabotage. “I invite you, if you want to go right now and watch this, “the secret prison”, — said Hrytsak.

“Let him tell, in what conditions they were kept, unlike ours. I am a bit angry, in a good sense of the word, why are you silent real Ukrainian patriots about how they were tortured,” said Hrytsak.

August 29 human rights activists from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch published a report, from which it follows that in Ukraine there is “a secret prison of the SBU in which illegally detained people. According to activists, the chief military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios gave the organization a list of 16 people who are in “secret prisons” in Kharkov.

15 of them, according to the organization, have already been released. Human rights activists claim that the “secret prisons” the SBU are now, at least, five people: two Russian citizens, two Ukrainians, one suffering from a mental disorder.

On the same day, SBU gave information about a “secret prison” is false.