Dilma Rousseff will appeal against the impeachment in the Supreme court of Brazil

Former President of Brazil Dilma Rousseff is going to appeal his impeachment to the Supreme court. This was reported by her lawyer Jose Eduardo Cardozo, reports Reuters.

On Wednesday, the Senate of Brazil was deprived of the Rousseff presidency. For her impeachment voted 61 Senator from 81. The process of impeachment of Rousseff kicked off in December 2015. It was built on the accusations of budget fraud.

Their essence was that the government at the initiative of Rousseff in 2014-2015, used the so-called fiscal pedaling: planned spending on social programmes, the government moved for the next financial period to improve performance in the current period. All this led to an increase in domestic debt — in fact, the state program is paid by funds of private banks, which is constantly occupied by the government. Another charge – the involvement in corruption schemes around the state oil Corporation Petrobras.

She called Rousseff running against her in the impeachment process a “coup”. “Maybe I made mistakes, but I didn’t commit crimes,” she said.

Presidential term, Rousseff was due to expire on 31 December 2018. By the end of this period the duties of the President went to the Vice-President Michel Temer.