Activists spoke about the fines to drivers for stopping on-demand traffic

Activists of the public movement “Blue buckets”, said that on the Warsaw highway in Moscow, the traffic police intentionally stop drivers to check their documents under the cameras to the monitoring system recorded a “breach” and the driver received a fine. In an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking” said the coordinator of the movement Peter Shkumatov.

In his opinion, “it was all orchestrated,” because the inspector knows how a camera works, much better than all the drivers combined. “And when he stops in this place drivers for the alleged inspection of documents is obviously a provocation, and divorce is on the money,” — said Shkumatov.

According to him, this scheme employees of the Metropolitan traffic police work for over a year.

As noted in the message on the page of the “Blue buckets” in Facebook, the victims of the traffic police drivers prefer to pay receipts, “than to run on instances and to prove that they are not to blame”.

The report also says that in this way the traffic police adds to the budget of the region, as each such stop under the camera is the driver was 750 RUB.

August 29, a resident of Moscow was fined for the fact that the shadow of his car crossed the solid line. Traffic police have promised to cancel it. The day before, on August 30, the other driver got the penalty for the fact that the solid line crossed the glare from the headlights of his car.