To “Yandex” for the first time filed a lawsuit to block links to pirate sites

The head of the Association for the protection of copyright on the Internet (ISAPI) Maxim Rabuka announced the filing in the court of claims to “Yandex” in the interests of “Eksmo”. The publisher requires to block the links to sites with pirated content, he said RBC.

“The cause of action are cards on RuTracker, which were found illegally posted on this website at the suit of the company “Eksmo” — said Rabuka. — “Yandex” believes that the information placed there illegally. “Eksmo” has addressed with the requirement to “Yandex” to remove the information required to gain access. “Yandex” is ignored.”

According to the head of ISAPI, Google removes links to pages containing pirated content, “not even requiring court decisions. “We believe voluntary”, — he explained.

According to Rabuka, “Yandex” has repeatedly said that he is not ready to act as an arbitrator in disputes, as far as legally or illegally posted link. He stated that, contrary to the court’s decision, which acknowledged the content is pirated, “all continues to be indexed”.

“For anybody not a secret that “Yandex” has a built-in mode “Turbo”, which allows you to get direct access. In their actions we see the violation of the rights of copyright holders”, — concluded the head of ISAPI.

In a conversation with “Газетой.Ru” Rabuka said that while we are talking about the adoption of the so-called provisional interim measures, which are aimed at protecting copyright. The adoption of these measures is a prerequisite for the proceedings in the Moscow city court, and if court makes a relevant determination, a claim of “Eksmo” to “Yandex” received within 15 days, he said.

25 Aug ISAPI sent to “Yandex” claim, which stated that online search engine has links that lead to a locked resource in particular, literary works, access to which was limited by the decision of Moscow city court. It is, in particular, books about science-fiction writer Alexey Kalugin.

In the letter to “Yandex” AZAPI required within 48 hours to ensure that the search engine does not have any more links to

As previously wrote “Газета.Ru OOO, ISAPI with the trial with the “Yandex” hopes to set a precedent to block links to illegal content, proving that the results of these links in the search engines by itself violates the law.