The amount of the purchase of elite housing on the end of summer decreased by 12%

The average purchase amount of residential property over the summer fell by 12% to 73 million rubles, compared to the same period in 2015, writes “Kommersant”, citing data from the joint study by Knight Frank and Welhome.

According to the study, the share of transactions in the price range of up to 50 million rubles. account for 55% of transactions. This figure has increased 9 percentage points. The area of the purchased property was reduced on average by 9%, to 116 sq. m. the Share of small flats and apartments up to 100 sq m for the year increased from 38% to 47%.

The number of transactions increased over the summer by 10%. Showed growth and the offer price by 10%, to 750 thousand rubles. per 1 sq. m.

The consultants explain that the reduction in budgets deals with the growth of the budget proposal say about the washout from the market the most interesting, marketable, and attractive price options. In addition, following negotiations, the purchase price may be lower than the stated proposal.

The increase in sales in the fall in the value of the transaction is noted, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kalinka Group Ekaterina Rumyantseva. The number of transactions in the elite segment in the summer of 2016 increased by 11% compared to the same period of 2015. The average budget of purchase, according to Rumyantseva, decreased by 20%, to 89 million rubles In its opinion, the market of elite housing price has reached bottom and then lower prices should be expected.

Kalinka Group predicts an increase in the average prices of 5-10% before the end of this year, says Rumyantsev.

According to the Director of development Contact Real Estate Vyacheslav Antropova, the growth in the number of transactions over the summer was 19%, the average price decreased by 6% to 807 thousand RUB for 1 sq. m, and the budget purchases fell 14% to 72 million rubles.

“Kommersant” reminds that luxury real estate prices began to fall in late 2014 due to the devaluation of the ruble. In the fall of 2015, the consultants noted the fall in the dollar value of such housing by more than 50%. In the spring of 2016, market participants said that the calculations went into rubles and prices fell by another 8%.

Significant growth is not showing and the cheaper segment of the business class. In July 2016, compared with the same period in 2015, the number of deals declined by 5%. Numazawa reported an increase in summer 70% of sales in the newly entered the market of new buildings business class compared to the same period last year. According to her, in some new construction the sales price starts from 135 RUB. for 1 sq. m — this corresponds to the pre-crisis economy.

Economy class is the only segment in which the crisis could increase the volume of sales. According to the Deputy Director of Est-a-tet Alexey Artesina, in the summer of current year the volume of sales increased by 54%. This is due to the growth in 1,8 times, he explains. According to his calculations, the average price rose 2.4%, to 150,8 thousand RUB for 1 sq. m.

Vyacheslav Antropov are waiting for further growth in the number of transactions: according to him, now formed a pent — up demand- by the beginning of winter, the dollar will rise and many customers are not in a hurry, with deals.

Until the end of the year, says Rumyantsev, luxury housing will be sold at 15-18% better than a year ago.