The court arrested the organizers and participants of the tractor March on Moscow

The court for 10 days arrested the organizer of a tractor March on Moscow, the leader of “the friendly farmers” Alexey Volchenko, said the publication of the “Caucasian knot” member of the Public oversight Commission of the Krasnodar territory Olga Golubyatnikova.

According to her, another 11 farmers arrested for a period of 5 to 10 days. Earlier, Aksay district court of Rostov region has declared Volchenko guilty of uncoordinated actions, although he claimed that the mileage has been agreed with the highway inspection.

Golubyatnikova said that Volchenko pleaded guilty “because of pressure from police”.

“But at the hearing he stated that he admitted guilt only because one of the police officers had put pressure on him. The activist told the court that police threatened to accuse Volchenko in extremism,” she said.

The arrest of the farmers and the organizer of the movement said “Rain” the head of Association of carriers of Russia Andrey Bautin. However, he claims only arrested 9 people, in addition Volchenko, six of the participants in the Krasnodar region and three people in the Rostov region. Bautin also argues that farmers pressured the guards.

“To all the marchers came home law enforcement agencies. In fact, people were intimidated, forced to sign documents and after that all was taken away,” he says.

Column of tractors was launched in Moscow from the village of Kazanskaya Krasnodar territory a week ago. The protesters wanted to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to ask him to restore order in the courts of the Kuban. According to them, in respect of them were made unlawful judicial decisions that violate the rights of owners and aimed at transferring land to large agricultural holdings.

22 Aug Volchenko said that the police stopped a tractor mileage near Rostov-on-don. He also reported the police attacks on farmers. August 23 protesters were detained. Volchenko in conversation with RBC said that 14 people were drawn up administrative protocols on holding an unsanctioned rally. Thursday, August 25, the protesters returned home.

After the collapse of the March, the Prosecutor’s office of Krasnodar region has promised to check the complaints of farmers.

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