Former chief Obama adviser called trump a “psychopath”

Former chief Advisor of us President Barack Obama called the candidate in US presidents from Republican party Donald trump’s “psychopath”. Such a statement he made in an interview with NBC.

“Basically, you have a psychopath running for President. I mean the fact that he fits the clinical definition [of this concept],” said David Pluff (quoted by Reuters).

Thus, Bluff admitted that he has no degree in psychology to make such conclusions. However, in his opinion, this definition corresponds to the tramp, because he had “grandiose ideas about their self-esteem, pathological lying, lack of empathy and remorse”.

In early August, Obama said that trump “is dreadfully not ready to perform the duties of the American President. In the upcoming presidential elections the current President of the United States supports the nomination of the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump, in turn, speaks disapprovingly about Obama. In mid-may, he called him “the worst President in US history”. In mid-August, he also expressed the opinion that Obama is the “founder of ISIS” (declared a terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia).

According to a recent poll by Reuters and Ipsos, separation from Clinton trump is 5%. For the candidate of the Democrats ready to vote for 41% of the respondents, 36% are ready to support a Republican. 23% of the electorate has not endorsed any of the candidates.

The United States presidential election will be held on 8 November.