Vice-President of the USA told about the purchase of high-speed trains for $2.5 billion

Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden said that the US government will provide a loan of $2.45 billion rail operator Amtrak to purchase high-speed trains and modernization of old structures. About it reports The Washington post.

Part of the amount Amtrak will spend on upgrading of existing structures, and the rest will become 28 modern trains capable of speeds up to 300 km/h, writes the edition. The new trains will be able to accommodate 40% more passengers and will be used in the North East USA for communication between Washington, new York and Boston. The first prototype of the new trains will be ready in 2019. In Amtrak expected that the first trains will start operating in 2021.

According to Biden, the loan will be the largest in history for U.S. Department of transportation.