Facebook has changed the algorithm for the selection of news because of allegations of bias

Facebook updated the section “Trending” (Popular news) after reports of political bias in the selection of news. In a press-service of the company said that has made the category more automated.

Now Facebook will instruct the robots to create a description of news, users will see the number of people discussing the news. The purpose of Facebook, said in a press release, to make the category easy to the largest possible number of people. “It is difficult, if we are going to generalize the topic in hand”, — explained in the company.

In may 2016 in the US, former employees of Facebook, told Gizmodo that the social network is artificially promotes news in favor of the liberal camp to the detriment of the conservative. After that, Facebook came under a barrage of criticism in the media.

Then Senator John Thune urged the company to respond to the allegations. The press service of the social network then explained that “revealed no evidence of systematic political bias” in the formation of a rubric Trending, and conservative and liberal are practically the same.