Vekselberg’s company modernizes TPP in Vorkuta after criticism of Putin

The current energy security of Vorkuta and secure the passage of its autumn-winter period of danger, says the “T Plus”, which owns the station and which is owned by “Renova” of Victor Vekselberg. The statement was made following the meeting Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, with the participation of the General Director of PJSC “T Plus” Boris wainzinher, as well as the leadership of the Republic, the Ministry of energy of Russia, the company “Severstal”.

Information on accommodation on the official website of “T Plus” public proposals for the sale of OOO Vorkuta CHPP” to true, the report says. The company has the full right to consider various options for disposition of their assets”, but currently “completely focused on the smooth operation of power facilities of OOO Vorkuta CHPP emphasizes the “T Plus”.

Vainziher reported Dvorkovich “on the completion of a long-term Program of modernization of power facilities of OOO Vorkuta CHPP”, according to which by 2019 in machinery and boiler of the city will have invested more than 1.7 billion rubles, the report says. The key constraints to development of the power system, it was stressed at the meeting, can become accumulated debts of end-users in the amount of 6.23 billion rubles, and the high price of coal supplied by LLC “Vorkutaugol”.

“T Plus” counts on the fact that the leadership of the Republic of Komi will assist in addressing these issues,” says the statement.

On 17 August, acting head of the Republic Sergey Gaplikov has complained to President Vladimir Putin on the crisis in the Vorkutinskaya CHP and the owners of the station, which instead of starting to work,” intend to sell the station. “This irresponsibility must be stopped”, — said the head of state, promising to instruct law enforcement agencies to investigate the situation.

At the same time, “T Plus” promised to provide CHP and expressed hope for assistance in collecting money from debtors.

On 18 August the state office of public Prosecutor declared the beginning of check of readiness of system of heat supply of Vorkuta to work in winter conditions “in connection with the information of the acting head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov on the emergency situation Vorkuta CHPP”. During the inspection, said the Prosecutor General’s office, planned a legal assessment of the reasons for the failure of the measures for the proper maintenance and repair of the plant, as well as the legality of the expenditure of energy received from the public money.