SpaceX cargo ship successfully splashed down in the Pacific ocean

Cargo ship Dragon private American company SpaceX, made a successful landing in the Pacific ocean. This was reported in the official Twitter of the company.

“The successful splashdown of the Dragon confirmed, thousands of pounds research cargo, NASA returned space station”, — stated in the message of the developer of the space truck.

In the capsule, which fell approximately 520 km from the Mexican coast, is more than 1 tons of cargo, including equipment with which the on Board the ISS scientific experiments, and mouse, with the help of which the specialists of the space station revealed the features of the influence of weightlessness on the animal organism.

Drive the space truck delivered to one of the ports, located near Los Angeles. Mice come back from space, transported to the laboratory, where scientists will study how a change in their DNA and the genome of their offspring.

Undocking of the spacecraft from the ISS occurred on the night of 26 August. July 18, he with the help of rocket Falcon 9, took off from Florida Cape Canaveral, delivered to the space station with food and equipment.