Energia announced the sale of the “Sea launch “its Elon musk”

Best chance to purchase shares of RSC Energia in the project of the international floating cosmodrome “Sea launch” has a PhD from Russia.

“We are inclined to the Russian candidate, he’s an interesting program, it is convenient to work. I think we will soon have your Elon Musk, one may even say that Elon Musk is in the square”, — told reporters the President of RSC Energia Vladimir Solntsev (quoted by “RIA Novosti”).

Earlier it was reported that the new owner of the spaceport can become a co-owner of S7 group, Vladislav Filev.

According to the head of “Energy”, the deal can be closed by the beginning of 2017. The sun expressed the hope that “Energy” will remain involved in the project.

“We are not abandoning the project. Hopefully, save their participation. Besides, there is a theme to create a new rocket for Sea launch,” said Solntsev (quoted by “Interfax”).

The dispute with the Boeing company, previously called obstacle to the sale of the “Sea launch”, according to Solntseva, can be resolved until the end of 2016. Previously Boeing has demanded to suspend activity implements the project “Sea launch” consortium and the seizure of his property.

International consortium “Sea launch” was established in 1995 for commercial launches of carrier rockets from the Pacific ocean. After the reorganization in 2010, 95% of the shares of the consortium inherited a “daughter” RSC “Energia”, 3% — the American Boeing and 2% Norwegian Aker Solutions.

In 2014, the project was shelved due to the events in Ukraine, but the Russian authorities allowed defrosting of the project. In early 2015, it was reported that the use in “Sea launch” a Ukrainian missile “Zenit” will replace the Russian “Angara”.