Moscow authorities invited the students to wear electronic bracelets

The Moscow authorities have suggested they replace the electronic cards of pupils, designed for the passage to school and getting power, electronic bracelets “Mosquino”. This is stated in the message on the website of the municipality.

To purchase wristbands will be able any educational institution where the system of “Passage and power”. With the help of bracelets children will be held in the school building and to buy food in the dining room and the buffet, “without resorting to the use of cash”, said the press service of the Department of information technology.

The bracelet may be 11 colors, it is made of hypoallergenic silicone with an aluminum clasp. On the bracelet you will see the head of the owl.

According to hall, the Passage and there are almost 3 thousand educational institutions.

Bracelets will be made upon request from educational institutions, the day of organization “Democenter”, which produces bracelets, can produce 200 devices. Parents with Sep can and do buy bracelets for their children for 490 roubles, is spoken in the message of Department.