Airborne refused to finish the construction of “Zenit Arena”

Have airborne troops no time to participate in the construction of a football stadium “Zenit arena”. About TASS said the press service of the airborne troops.

Airborne said that the troops are “among the most elite and capable branches of the Armed forces” and is intended to solve the “most difficult and responsible task of ensuring the security of our state”. “So, time to build, even stadiums, the Marines simply no”, — concluded the press service.

“The trouble is, since cakes start oven cobbler and boots stitch pieman,” he remembered saying in the airborne.

So in the airborne troops responded to the statement of the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin. He said that “the roof had” engaged “Colonel of the guards of airborne forces”, formerly the chief of the rear of the 76th guards airborne division. Albin asked the Colonel how long the airborne regiment to complete construction of the stadium.

“The Colonel said, “a Month”. I: “What, 2 thousand people and one month? And materials, equipment, money? He said: “Only (let — if) command of the Supreme commander.”, — told the day before, August 24, conversation Albin (quoted by “Interfax”).

Airborne, in turn, on August 25 said that they were “surprised” by the statements of the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg.

In mid-July, 2016 government of St. Petersburg has terminated the contract with the General contractor for the construction of the stadium, the company “Inzhtransstroy-SPb”. The new contractor was the company “Metrostroy”.

The head of the new contractor stadium, General Director of “Metrostroy” Vadim Alexandrov proposed to involve the construction of St. Petersburg residents. “Before, remember how great it was? We always start connected to the entire city. And cadets, and anyone,” he said. According to Alexandrov, all work will be completed by the end of 2016.