The Prosecutor’s office promised to investigate complaints staged a mileage of farmers

Krasnodar region Prosecutor’s office will conduct additional verification of the legality of redistribution of land, complained of by local farmers. This is stated on the official website of the Department.

In addition, the Prosecutor’s office will check the completeness and legality of the actions taken by the local authorities and law enforcement agencies.

Earlier in the day, a meeting of the Prosecutor of the region, head of administration of edge with the farmers of the Cubes. The results of this meeting, the Prosecutor’s office decided to establish a working group to address all issues. The Governor of the region Veniamin Kondratiev also promised the farmers to solve their questions.

August 21, from the village of Kazanskaya Krasnodar region started in Moscow a convoy of 17 tractors and a few dozen cars. The action was coordinated with the traffic police. Farmers had intended to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to ask him to restore order in the courts of the Kuban.

The participants complained about the unlawful court decisions, which, in the opinion of the farmers, violates the rights of owners and aimed at transferring land to large agricultural holdings.

Last day the participant is in conversation with RBC said the arrest of his colleagues. According to him, the detention was conducted riot. The protesters did not explain for what and how they were detained.

The duty of the Department of the MIA of Russia in the Aksai district mayor Sergei Astapov in conversation with RBC said that “they will deal with police”.

One of the organizers of the action Alexey Volchenko also told that the police attacked the farmers. According to him, “our two boys, activists, truckers, photographed the number of the police force. At this time they were attacked by law enforcement officers. However, he assured that the participants intend to continue their action.

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The detention of the tractor run in Moscow

On 21 August after a rally of farmers in the village of Kazan Krasnodar territory to Moscow, left the convoy of 17 tractors and several dozen cars. The participants intended to meet…

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