The media learned about the increase in the number of victims of the earthquake in Italy up to 14 people

As a result of strong earthquake in Italy killed at least 14 people. It is reported by La Repubblica.

“The first results: at least 14 dead”, — says the publication. Previously, the government officially reported about six victims.

A strong earthquake occurred in Central Italy on the morning of 23 August. It caused severe damage to a number of towns and villages, however, without affecting densely populated areas, notes Reuters.

In the most affected city Accumuli, Amatrice, Post and Arcata del Tronto. “Now when the day came, we see that the situation is even worse than we feared: collapsed buildings, people missing under the rubble, no sound of life”, — said the mayor Accumuli Stefano Petrucci.

“Three quarters of the city no longer exists,” — said in turn the mayor of Amatrice Sergio Pirozzi. In General natural disasters have affected the regions of Umbria, Lazio and Marche. The US geological survey which measured the earthquake magnitude, estimated it at 6.2.

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The earthquake in Central Italy

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