Seized Bank in Moscow the businessman has surrendered to police

The man who seized Wednesday evening from a Citibank branch on Bolshaya Nikitskaya street in downtown Moscow surrendered to the police, reports TASS with reference to the MIA.

Seized surrendered, no one was hurt, RBC confirmed the officer a press-services of capital Department of internal Affairs of Moscow Maxim Kolosvetov.

According to preliminary police data, a Bank seized the businessman Aram Petrosyan. Before going to the Bank, he recorded a video message to President Vladimir Putin, in which he explained that he went to such an action because of the bankruptcy. “I believe have nothing to lose. All that was, I’ve already lost,” said he, addressing the President by name and patronymic.

Earlier it became known that the office of Citibank released the last of four hostages.

Box that hung on the neck seized from the division of the Bank, appeared a model with salt, reports TASS with reference to the source.

The source of “RIA Novosti” said that the suspect gave police box, which were given for the explosives.