A case of theft of the ex-Senator $6 million, “the Kremlin group” has transferred in court

Former Senator and ex-Governor of the Samara region Konstantin Titov

Investigative Department of the UVD of the Western district of Moscow has finished investigation of circumstances of theft of $6 million from former Senator and ex-Governor of the Samara region Konstantin Titov, the materials were sent to the Nikulinskiy court for consideration on the merits, writes on Tuesday “Kommersant”.

According to the newspaper, on charges of fraud in especially large size (part 4 of article 159 of the criminal code) brought against Vladislav Zaraevo. The damage from his actions the result was estimated at 161.8 million rubles.

Konstantin Titov has addressed in law enforcement bodies with the statement about the theft of $6 million in December 2015. From the case, which refers to “Kommersant”, it follows that in 2007 Titov, who was then a Senator from the Samara region, has met with a certain Anatoly Shutov, who introduced to him by General of justice and employees of the Prosecutor General and asked to invest in profitable financial instruments. After receiving the preliminary consent, clowns Titov were invited to a meeting to discuss details, which was also attended by Vladislav Tsoraev, and Aleksey Prozorov and Arthur Karalaev. According to the investigation, the meeting Prozorov demonstrated Titov, a kind of identity, making it clear that is a senior officer of the foreign intelligence Service (SVR), and Tsoraev was presented by the Director of the secret of the financial group “Center”, which was allegedly “established in the Executive office of the President for special programmes and reported directly to the President. Karalaev as has established a consequence, has ensured the security of the negotiations, the newspaper notes.

According to investigators, the partners promised investors a profit of up to 100%, but demanded that he put at least $500 thousand Titov borrowed from my son — owner of the Samara Bank “Solidarity” Alexey Titov — $4.4 million and €1.5 million, which in October 2007 was transferred to new partners, writes “Kommersant”. A few months Titov, making sure gets the promised interest from investments was found with Corewin, who promised him to return his money.

But in 2009, Vladislav Tsoraev and Arthur Karalaev were sentenced respectively to nine and eight years imprisonment for fraud. As established by the Dorogomilovsky court of Moscow, Tsoraev and Kurlaev, respectively, posing as Colonel-General of the security services, the incumbent in government, and his Deputy, promised the businessman Sergey Chapitko for 17.8 mln to appoint him to the post of the head of Rosstandart. However, as it turned out during the trial, Tsoraev officially anywhere did not work, and Karalaev was engaged in private carrying.

As reported by “Kommersant”, Tsoraev was serving a sentence in prison, but was transferred for arraignment on the new case. He pleaded not guilty, claiming that the money had been given not to invest, and to facilitate the appointment of the Governor of the Ryazan region George Shpak for a second term. According to Zaraeva, the venture failed because of the death of Alexey Prozorov, who allegedly took all the money Titova. To find traces of the stolen funds to the law enforcement authorities failed, the newspaper said.