Rosaviatsia denied “Victory” in approval to fly to Goa

Federal air transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) has denied the airline “Victory”, a member of the Aeroflot group, the grant of a permit to perform the flights in Goa, India. Relevant document published on the Agency’s website (pdf) .

The document States the refusal of the Commission of Federal air transport Agency to reduce the number of flights of airline “Russia” (also included in Aeroflot) in Goa from 9 to 11 flights per week. The reason for this decision is not specified.

At the end of July “Victory” has asked the Federal air transport Agency to reduce the frequency of flights to Goa, “Russia”, so we were were able to operate flights in this direction.

“Russia” is a work permit for regular flights to Goa with a frequency of 11 times a week. According to the bilateral agreement on air communication between Russia and India, this is the maximum number of flights that can use the carriers on each side.

The source of the “Victory” explained “to Interfax” that the request of the company was motivated by the fact that “Russia” is not entirely uses your clearance. In turn, the airline would like to open regular flights to Goa from the Russian regions.