FRII will Finance the creation of a messenger for officials

The Fund for Internet development initiatives (Fria), together with Tele2 and “Rostelecom” will create a secure messenger for government agencies and state-owned corporations, report “Vedomosti” with reference to the representative of Fund of Sergey Skripnikov. According to Skripnikova, investments can obtain one of the projects, which are currently undergoing detailed analysis. While four candidates: developers messenger Titanium, Platium”, “Sibrus and SyncCloud, he said.

Skripnikov added that the service in question, will be more than just a messenger: in addition to instant messaging, it will support telephony and video conferencing, calendar management, file sharing and collaboration with documents. The service must be protected by means of cryptography of the Russian and certified by the Russian security agencies, said Skripnikov.

Planned investments and the expected distribution of shares in a future project IIDF does not disclose. The representative of the Fund only noted that venture capitalist always wants to keep majority stake in the hands of the founders of the project to keep them motivated to work further and enable new investment rounds.

The representative of Tele2 Konstantin Prokshin and the representative of “Rostelecom” Andrey Polyakov said that these two statements helped FRÍA with the expert evaluation. “Rostelecom” will later decide on its further participation in the project and about possible investments, added the Poles. Close to Tele2 source said the operator also plans to invest in jointly selected by the partners of the project.

The new service will be focused on big business and state agencies and its audience will be about 20 million people, said Proshkin.

In early August it became known that the Institute of development Internet (IRI), the Ministry of communications and Rostelecom to form a group that will create messenger for officials and employees of state companies. As wrote “Kommersant”, the Ministry will engage in the examination of the compliance of the messenger with the certification requirements, “Rostelecom” will provide project technical support and expertise and will consider other options for participation in the project. Among the companies and state authorities who were called in as a possible testers of the messenger, — the Federal bailiff service (FSSP), “Mail of Russia” and administration of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district.

In June your messenger for companies and government agencies presented a “subsidiary “Rosteh” — “RT-inform”. The company representative then said that the project is in test mode, but it is assumed that they will use employees of “assistance”.

In April Mail.Ru Group also discussed the possibility of creating a messenger for the civil servants. Adviser to the President on the Internet German Klimenko said that this is the only company that has a groundwork on the theme of the messengers.