The journalist Yulia Latynina attacked the editorial staff of “echo of Moscow”

The journalist of “Novaya Gazeta”, the leading program “access Code” at radio station “Echo of Moscow” Yulia Latynina, was attacked in the capital, reports “Echo of Moscow” with reference to the statement of the journalist. The attackers doused the journalist faeces.

According to Latynina, the attack on her was made by two men close to the wording of the radio station, which is located on the New Arbat. “One of them was in a motorcycle helmet, to prevent identification. The second was waiting on a motorcycle,” — said the journalist. She said that this has been the 14th or 15th attack on her. According to Latynina, it is followed for several weeks and knew exactly where she parks the car.

“I was attacked under a bridge in front of the hotel “Ukraine”, three kilometers from the editors <…> So people knew where I Park the car” — said Latynina.

In the “access Code” on the evening of August 20, Latynina said that those who attacked her probably had her followed “for weeks” “were well doused from head to toe,” said the journalist. According to her, she chased oblivio her man, but he got on his motorcycle to his accomplice and they drove away.

“I attribute this to the attacks, which have 14 or 15 times committed activists. Some of these attacks “Fontanka” associated with IP addresses that belong to the “Troll factories”, which is associated with the name [of restaurateur Eugene] Prigogine. I have spoken several times about Mr. Prigogine. <…> I associate it with the position and content of “the New newspaper” by I. Prigogine,” — said Latynina.

The publication “Fontanka” at the end of June wrote that in St. Petersburg there were at least seven attacks on the opposition, publish in social networks critical posts about the government. Information about the activists was posted on the website (“who is Who”) and gathered information about users critical of the government. According to the newspaper, these developments can be likened to a businessman Yevgeny Prigozhin, who Forbes called “the personal cook of the President”.

Russian service Bi-bi-si also wrote about the possible links of the attacks to the structures of Prigogine. The publication relied on data from hackers group “Anonymous international”, which, according to their own statement, issued a “drain” correspondence with people close to Prigogine. In the documents mentioned the website “Wineblogger”. Bi-bi-si writes that “Wikiblogger” and “who’s Who” posted the same text in the description of the sites is identical to the list of “targets” and the tactics of harassment.

Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov later said the Kremlin will not verify media reports about the attacks on activists. “Absolutely groundless some instructions, not based on the information given, how many ducks appear on the Internet; if every such information, to check can drive you crazy”, he said. Peskov said that the publication of the BBC “is also a seriousness and validity is different”. Later the source of RBC familiar with the investigation of the attacks, reported that cases of attacks on opposition activists in St. Petersburg will control the FSB.