Tinkov announced the offer “Gazprom” to combine Cycling team

Businessman Oleg Tinkov in an interview with Forbes told about the offer “Gazprom” to join the team on the basis of his Cycling team Tinkoff.

In his opinion, the team of “Gazprom” Cycling “the results are not the most outstanding. Tinkov offered to unite to remove the brand and a command “Gazprom”. The businessman said that in that case it could become “honorary Chairman”.

“In my opinion, they own hands just ruining your brand. I was trying to convey to the leadership, until someone got through. Say: “what are You doing? Give 3% of the money you spend on “Zenit”, and you have the best Cycling team in the world,” said Tinkov.

However, according to him, representatives of the company refused the offer.

The official representative of “Gazprom” Sergei Kupriyanov, in an interview with RBC questioned the characterization of the Tinkoff team of the Corporation. “This is a very controversial issue. What do you mean “mediocre”? Cyclists of our team brought Russia 3 medals at the [Olympic games in] Rio and team Tinkoff — one Poland…” — said Kupriyanov.

The magazine reminds that the riders of team Tinkoff won several stages of the Cycling race “Tour de France”. According to its results, they won the jerseys best Sprinter and king of the mountains.