“Gazprom-Media” banned foreign websites to show the moments of the competition

According to the staff of several sports resources, which refers to the publication “Vedomosti”, the TV company “NTV-plus” has warned the Russian sites that they can’t show videos of the most interesting moments of sports (highlights), broadcast rights for which belong to the “NTV-plus” or other companies in the holding “Gazprom-Media”. Now these videos will only be available on the website entering in “Gazprom-media”, “Match TV”. As the “Vedomosti”, now “Match TV” and “NTV-plus” have the overwhelming majority of rights to broadcast sporting events in Russia.

The General Director “NTV-plus” Mikhail Demin confirmed this information adding that warnings were sent out including a large sports sites like Championat.com, Sports.ru “Sport-Express” and “Soviet sport”. Demin added that the contracts with all of them will be broken, but to explain the reasons for this decision are refused. The representative “Gazprom-media” has failed to promptly comment on the publication of the situation.

Information about what is without highlights from “NTV-plus” has left Sports.ru publication confirmed the co-owner of a portal Dmitry Navosha. Representative Championat.ru declined to comment.

The sources of “Vedomosti” noted that the holding “Gazprom-media” has made this decision to increase the audience of the site “Match TV”. The head of one of the sports sites, the name of which “statements” do not call, explained izdaniyu that site “Match TV” very weak position compared to the largest sites Runet. However, according to one of sources, because this decision “Gazprom-media” will lose hundreds of millions of rubles that earned on the distribution of Filatov on foreign resources. Inside highlights seller holding Gazprom Media Digital (DPMD) has sold video ads, part of the proceeds of which are shared with the sites, said the source “Vedomosti”.

At the same time, employees are polled by websites sure that the “Match TV” in the end will not be able to attract a large additional audience due to the exclusive show highlights.

Holding “Gazprom-Media” has started “Match TV” 1 November 2015 at frequencies of “Russia 2” and on our own sports channels “NTV-Plus”. The project was supported by President Vladimir Putin. Geproduceerd new Federal channel became the General Director of Agency “Apostle” Tina Kandelaki.