Three people were killed in an explosion near a police station in Turkey

Three people were killed in the explosion near a police station in the East of Turkey, at least 40 people were injured. About it reports Reuters, citing local media.

While no organization has claimed responsibility for the incident. However, the Agency said that in the province of van, where the explosion occurred, are the Kurdish fighters who launch attacks on police stations this way.

At the station there were barracks in which they live and the police were said to Reuters.

A few days ago about a police station in the Turkish city of Diyarbakir as the explosion occurred. Then killed three people — two officers and one civilian. The roof of the building partially collapsed, it was broken glass.

In early August, in the province of bingöl in South-Eastern Turkey as the explosion occurred, which killed six policemen. The security personnel in an interview with Reuters said that, according to them, the responsibility lies with the members of the Working party of Kurdistan.