Street in New Moscow will be named in honor of Tarkovsky and Cervantes

In New Moscow will be a street named after the artist Diego Velasquez, the writer Miguel Cervantes, directed by Andrei Tarkovsky, as well as artist Boris Kustodiev. The decision was made by the City interdepartmental Commission on naming objects, according to the official portal of city hall.

Street and Cervantes Boulevard Velazquez will be in the residential complex “Spanish quarters” near the village of Nikolo-Khovanskoye settlement of Sosenskiy. Their length will be 1320 and 660 feet, respectively.

Name Kustodiev get directions to the settlement Voskresenskoe a length of 700 meters. In turn, the Boulevard of Andrei Tarkovsky appears in a passage in the residential complex “Rasskazovo” near the village of Rasskazovka Vnukovo settlement. Vnukovo already has a street named after the poet Arseny Tarkovsky, the Director’s father, said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Leonid Pechatnikov.