Winning bronze she has received threatening career ending injury

The injury, which he received in the semi-finals of the Boxing competition Russia’s Anastasia Belyakova, can threaten her with the end of his sports career. This opinion in an interview with “R-Sport” expressed Executive Director of Russian Boxing Federation Yevgeniy Sudakov.

“It’s a shame that Anastasia suffered such a heavy injury. God forbid that Anastasia’s shoulder. If she’ll blow out a shoulder, it is likely that you can complete with the box,” said Sudakov.

In the Olympic semifinals in the weight category up to 60 kg Belyakova sparred with current world champion Frenchwoman Estelle Mossely. In the first round she has got a hand injury, and then are unable to continue the match and left the ring in a wheelchair.

How explained to Agency “R-Sport” head coach of the national team Viktor Lisitsyn, Belyakov directly from the stadium, was taken to the hospital, she has a broken elbow joint.

The Olympic Boxing tournament does not provide for the battle for third place — the bronze medal goes to both of the losing semifinalists.