Putin will charge to deal with the work of the company Vekselberg in Komi

One of the houses in Vorkuta

Preparing the power grid Vorkuta for the coming winter threatened because of the “critical state” of equipment Vorkuta HPP, not modernizirovana for several years, said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin the acting head of the Republic of Komi Sergei Gaplikov.

“Today, the equipment that exist at the station, is in critical condition, almost nine boilers are in repair; three more or less supported by the state; others require a major overhaul,” explained Gaplikov.

The acting head of the region noted that in 2015-2016, the station dramatically increased the number of accidents, which makes it impossible to create a backup utility lines. According to him, in early August, the energy Ministry has made the Vorkuta and INTA in the grid list crisis, recognizing the precariousness of their work and the threat of disconnection.

Gaplikov complained to Putin that he personally met with the management and owners of controlling Vorkuta CHPP of the company. However, instead of starting to work,” the company’s management decided to sell the station, citing accumulated over the past five years debt, said the official.

“In this connection, Mr Putin, I would like to ask to the government is strengthened in this plan work, we had help, we brought the system to the required working condition in the heating period. And I wanted to ask to instruct law enforcement bodies to understand what is reason, addressed to the head of state Gaplikov.

“Sure, let’s do that. This irresponsibility must be stopped”, — Putin promised.

The representative of “T Plus” to the request for comments told RBC that the company is preparing its position and will submit it soon.

OOO Vorkutinskaya CHPP is 100% owned by PJSC “T Plus” and is located in the operational management of its branch “Komi”. According to the report for 2015, PJSC “T Plus” is controlled by a group of companies “Renova”, and the ultimate beneficiary of which is a billionaire, Viktor Vekselberg (№ 7 in the rating of the richest businessmen of Russia according to Forbes, the assessment of the state — $10.5 billion).

According to the “T Plus”, the debt of municipal enterprises to Vorkutinskaya CHPP amounts to 5.2 billion rubles, reads the statement on the website of the company from August 11. The debt was formed “with the omission of the former leadership of the Republic,” the report says. In early August the General Director of “T Plus” Boris Vajnziher visited the Komi and following the visit, assured that the company will provide training Vorkutinskaya CHPP “to a reliable and uninterrupted passage of the heating season.” According to him, the financing of energy infrastructure company in 2016 will spend more for the widow than in the past, noted the press service of the company.