From the election campaign trump appeared CEO

The presidential candidate of the Republican party, Donald trump has created two new senior positions in his campaign, reports The Wall Street Journal. According to the newspaper, the Director General is the Executive Chairman of the conservative information portal Breitbart News Stephen Brennan, who previously worked at Goldman Sachs.

In addition, trump was appointed campaign Manager, Kelliann Conway, who for several weeks worked with his Advisor and has a reputation as a skilled analyst and expert in sociological surveys. The head of the election campaign, trump will remain by Paul Manafort.

Changes in the headquarters of the trump associated with the need to optimize its structure with the approach of the presidential election, notes the WSJ. The finish stage of the campaign traditionally begins on labor Day, which is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

In recent days, trump began increasingly to lag behind democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in national polls and in the disputed States, reminds WSJ.

“I want to win,” said trump in an interview on Tuesday evening in which he spoke about the changes in his staff. “That’s why with me now are wonderful people who know how to win and love to win,” said the politician of their choice.