The author of the caricatures in the Deutsche Welle about the Paralympics have explained its meaning

The author of the cartoon in the German newspaper Deutsche Welle Sergei Elkin told the radio station “Moscow speaking” that the cartoon was drawn in support of the Paralympians.

“Cartoon shows that when our Paralympic athlete is removed from these games, these games are incomplete and defective”, — said the cartoonist.

Cartoon was published in a newspaper article, 8 August. The figure shows the four rings of the emblem of the Olympic games, and the fifth ring is a wheel of the wheelchair, in which sits a man with a Russian flag.

The Embassy of Germany in Moscow on August 16 held a picket with a demand to remove the cartoon from the website of the newspaper and an apology from the publication. According to the leader of the movement “Young guard” Denis Davydov, who organized the picket, a cartoon “offends not only the feelings and dignity of the Russian athletes with disabilities, but for the whole Olympic movement.”

Earlier in the state Duma also asked DW to remove the cartoon and apologize. Therefore, the European media continue to create negative media coverage and put pressure on members of the International Paralympic Committee, said the Deputy head of the Duma Committee on labor, social policy and veterans Affairs Mikhail Terentiev.

On 7 August, the international Paralympic Committee has suspended full member of the Russian national team from participation in the Paralympic games in Rio de Janeiro.