Battery or DC adapter for external power camera Canon 5D2, 5D3, 6D, 7D, 60D

Hello everyone, today, your attention is the external power adapter for Canon camera as an internal battery LP-E6, as well as a small doeling.

On aliexpress as probably already know you can collect coins and then buy them a voucher from the seller are available at this point in the application.

Did so: I Collected coins, chose the product and coupon and made an order.

The package was mailed to Finland.

14.07.2016 package weight 33гр. came and I went home to test the device.

Apparently that day was some magnetic storm or aftermath of a storm after 13 July… the head does not work)
Connecting the adapter to the power supply 12V 5A (5.5 mm socket) via the Step-Down LM2596S and putting voltage 7.2 V (as specified on the original battery), I saw a small display of a camera icon flashing low battery. It was decided to raise the voltage as indicated on the camera to 8.1 V, but still I saw only blinking icon low battery.

Not even looking at the large display, the decision was made to open the patient to make sure that even the controller the Chinese there do not put supposedly this is not working adapter.

Opening and dogpiling

Shock and horror…
On the adapter itself did not indicate the voltage inside except for 15V capacitor 1000mkf nothing… well, nothing google’s hands.
And then I came across this: Cheap DC power for Canon 60D
But again something went in the head not too…
I UN-welded the capacitor with wires and began to establish Step-Down inside, but it wouldn’t fit, had to Dremel rasp the corners and sides.
And started soldering… and here’s to you, the tips of the contacts broke off at the very back =)
Cursing the Chinese industry, I continued to fluster the transaction.

Then I isolated the capacitors on Step-Down and inserted the adapter into the camera, in order to verify. But still I saw only blinking icon of a dead battery…
And then came the enlightenment, I decided to turn to face him swivel screen on my Canon EOS 60D.

Here it is necessary to choose OK.
Chose and it worked… semen Semenych… it was not in Babin…)))
Further, with hot fill filling not to hang out inside the adapter.

And seal the “super glue” I used the glue Lactite 495, it dries quickly, faster even than my hands managed to collect the body of the adapter, so I had to glue a few times)))

Again turn on the camera, voila… it works!

Conclusion: it is Necessary to have not only direct the hands, but light head =)
Perhaps this adapter will be useful for those who takes their reviews or stationary uses your camera for example at a shop.

Works without changes from 7.2 V — 8.1 V, but not specified voltage on the adapter itself.
+ After the alteration, it is possible to use power supply 12V
+ If you drill a hole opposite the screw (voltage regulator), it is possible to change the voltage and use other power supplies or external batteries, powerbank etc.

No instructions. (The voltage is indicated on the page of the seller and on the camera.)

Thank you for your attention!