The court arrested the second suspect in the terrorist attacks in the Crimea

The Kiev district court of Simferopol arrested the second saboteur Andrew Sahaja, who is suspected of preparing attacks in the Crimea. It is reported TASS citing a source in the court.

The court session was held behind closed doors. According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the court agreed with the investigation and was taken into custody Sahaja for 1 month and 26 days.

On 11 August the court of Simferopol was sent under arrest of Evgeny Panov, who is also suspected of organizing terrorist acts in the Crimea. Arrest Panova petitioned the FSB, which earlier reported on the arrest as assisting in the preparation of terrorist acts. Ukraine opened case on kidnapping Panova under article 146 of the criminal code of Ukraine (“Illegal imprisonment or kidnapping”.

On 10 August, the FSB reported on the prevention in the Crimea the attacks, which have been prepared by Ukrainian security forces. As reported by the Russian intelligence service, the Peninsula was discovered by Ukrainian subversive group. When her arrest was a clash, which killed an FSB officer and member of the defense Ministry.

Russian President Vladimir Putin called Ukraine’s actions “stupid and senseless action”, but also added that Kiev is not trying to solve problems through negotiations, “and move to terror”.

In turn, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called Putin’s accusations meaningless and cynical. “These imagination — just an excuse for another military threats against Ukraine”, — commented on the statements by the President of Ukraine.