Avtodor plans to increase the network of toll roads in Russia in 4 times

The head of the “Avtodor” Sergey kelbakh said the Agency TASS that currently are 2,000 kilometres of roads, 500 of which are paid. The remaining 1,500 kilometers will be built from scratch, or Avtodor rekonstruiruet existing roads.

In the “Avtodor” said that the construction of toll roads mainly concerns road M-1 (road from Moscow to border with Belarus), M-3 highway “Ukraine”), M-4 (highway “don”) and M-11 (Moscow-St. Petersburg) and the Central ring road (Central ring road around Moscow.

“In General, the transport strategy of Russia for state-owned fixed creation of 12 thousand km by 2030. To speak about the further development of earlier, how many of them will be paid, is difficult to say,” – said Kelbakh.

Yesterday, the newspaper “Vedomosti” reported that the toll roads will appear and in Moscow. We are talking about the Northern alternative route to Kutuzovsky Prospekt and the area of the Expressway, which will connect the Eastern districts of the capital.