Sergei Ivanov said the desire to “actively” work on new post

At the meeting with Vladimir Putin, the former head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov said that in the new post of special representative of the President of Russia on environmental issues, environment and transport, he intends to “work actively and dynamically”, according to a transcript published on the Kremlin website.

“In the beginning of 2012 we have had a conversation where I asked you to trust me this is complicated, of course, one might say, even the troublesome area of work for four years”, — said Ivanov.

According to his calculations, he has been the head of the presidential administration “4 years 8 months.” “To my surprise found that I am a champion”, — said Ivanov.

“I will try to work actively, dynamically and most importantly, effective in a new area of work,” Ivanov commented on her appointment as special representative of the President of the Russian Federation on issues of environmental activities, environment and transport.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has removed Sergei Ivanov as head of the Kremlin administration Friday, 12 August. In its place has appointed Anton Vaino. Putin explained permutation a personal request Ivanov. “Remember our agreement that you are asked not to use you in this area of work in the post of head of the presidential administration more than three years” — appealed to Putin Ivanov. According to him, he’s “understanding” was related to the wish of the former head of the administration “to move to another work area”.

As head of the presidential administration Ivanov and early showed interest to the subject of nature protection. So, in December 2015, Ivanov opened a charity hockey game in support of the preservation and development of populations of far Eastern leopards and Amur tigers. He met with us actress Pamela Anderson and discussed with her issues related to animal protection. “In the company of beautiful women to discuss problems of preservation of wildlife and very beautiful animals such as Amur tigers and far Eastern leopards”, he said then.