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Between an Olympics doping scandal, military action in Syria and alleged ties to US presidential candidate Donald Trump, Russia has been in the news a lot lately. And though the world certainly hears a lot about its government, how well do we actually know the citizens of Russia? BBC Pop Up, the company’s travelling bureau, is headed to Russia to film your story ideas. The team of roaming video journalists will make short documentaries about issues in the country for BBC World News television channel and the BBC News website — as well as Russian outlets. And all their stories will come from ideas suggested by you, the viewer.
Do you have a story you’ve always wanted filmed there? Do you have a friend in Russia who has an interesting tale to tell?
“We want to turn the spotlight on Russians themselves and film fascinating stories about people’s lives throughout the nation,” says BBC Pop Up’s Matt Danzico.
“What issues are important to them? And what are some of the more intriguing stories in Russia that we don’t typically hear about?” he adds.
The team will be in Moscow and travelling along the Trans-Siberian Railway during the next several weeks.
Get involved with Pop Up now through their website and send your story ideas to them via Twitter using @bbcpopup or by email at

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