Torshin pointed out the lack of facts in the material about the relationships with the Tagansky OPG

The Chairman of the Central Bank Alexander Torshin

The Deputy head of the Bank of Russia Alexander Torshin sees no reason to discuss the Bloomberg news about his involvement in the ongoing Taganskaya organized crime group (OCG) operations to launder money in the absence of facts.

“There’s nothing to comment on, there is no evidence. I’m a correspondent for Bloomberg spoke for three hours, told her everything is clear. The verdict in the case of a merchant Romanov is. There is none on the OPG about me nothing at all. No, there is a secret report that no one has seen. That they are charges not filed?” — said Torshin radio station “Moscow Says”.

Before Bloomberg, citing an investigation conducted by the Guardia Civil of Spain, said that even before his arrival in the Central Bank Torshin taught members of the Taganskaya OPG ways to launder illegally acquired funds through banks and purchase of real estate, and the alleged head of the OPG Alexander Romanov called him “the godfather” and “boss”.

“Now everyone is saying “maybe a suspect”. Of course, no facts”, — said Torshin.

Before the press service of the Central Bank declared invalidity of the publication Bloomberg.

“As far as we know, the final materials of the court (completed in may 2016. — RBC) does not mention the conclusions that appear in the publication Bloomberg, and is not mentioned Alexander Torshin. Thus, there is no any good reasons to believe that claims made about Alexander Torshin in the Bloomberg article are without Foundation”, — says RBC received the statement of the press service of the Central Bank.