The court has left without movement the claim of the owner of the songs Tsoi to “Vkontakte”

The arbitration court of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region left without movement the claim of “the right Music”, which is the owner of the rights on the songs of Viktor Tsoi, to a social network “Vkontakte”. This was reported in the card case.

The decision was rendered on August 9, its causes are not specified. The claim amount is 3 million rubles.

In addition, “Music law” filed a lawsuit to the “First channel”, demanding payment of 300 thousand rubles for the use of the song “Cuckoo” by Viktor Tsoy in the program “the Voice.” In the first instance court denied the copyright holder. The company then filed an appeal. It States that “the right Music” is on the basis of contracts with the heirs of Victor Tsoi lawful owner of the exclusive copyright and the exclusive related rights in works, phonograms, performance and audiovisual works” of the musician.

In “Vkontakte”, in turn, said that the licensing agreement content signed already with all the “world’s largest record companies”. The social network expressed hope for a peaceful settlement of the case.