RT reported about the “massive” DDoS attack on your website

In the night of 9 August, the website of the TV channel RT was subjected to a massive DDoS attack, according to RT. Hacker attack lasted about two hours, but had no serious consequences

DDoS attack date-and-cents in America, Europe and Russia. Was first attacked by American and European data centers at 00:00 GMT. Subsequently, there was attacked the equipment hosted in the data center RT in Moscow. DDoS-attack ended at 02:20 GMT.

“The cyber attack had serious consequences for the server hardware on which the site works”, but reduced the bandwidth of the Internet channel, the report said RT.

Attack “different from hundreds of other his cunning and forethought,” said head of interactive projects Elvira Chudnovskaya. According to her, the hackers repeatedly study the system of protection of the company, see “where switched traffic”.