The mother who returned from the U.S. the Iranian nuclear physicist announced his execution

Were executed in Iran nuclear physicist of Shahram Amiri, who returned from USA in 2010 after the “abduction”. About this bi-Bi-si said the mother of the scientist.

She claims that she was issued the son’s body with the rope marks on the neck, indicating that he was hanged. According to her, Amiri already buried.

Shahram Amiri disappeared in may 2009 after he traveled to Mecca for the Hajj. In 2010 was released the video, probably shot in the US, where Amiri claims he was kidnapped by CIA agents who tried to extort from him the secret information about Iran’s nuclear program.

In 2010, Amiri returned from the States to Iran. As marks Bi-bi-si, in Tehran welcomed his return home and was greeted as a hero. Later, however, the US authorities said that the scientist came to America and gave them important information voluntarily. After that Amiri was arrested. Of his place of detention was unknown.