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This is my first review, and here I want to briefly present to you the unboxing and my comments on wireless headphones Bluedio from the company. I am the owner of a number of ears of this brand, when I met him for the first time a couple of years ago. Almost all headphones I liked and used by me regularly.
For example, the model S3 I use at the gym, N2 is always a bag in a simple wireless plugs, R+ Legend I use at home in conjunction with a computer or tablet. Wife left at the mercy of the same N2 and AIR.
And he recently became the proud owner of new ears UFO aircraft-grade aluminum, 4 speakers in each ear ( one 1х50 mm + 3×20 mm ), and use them for listening to music.Actually, they now will be discussed.

Looking ahead, I will say that my first UFO, I got a little more than six months ago, before the new year 2016. And these photos which I will present here, I win in the official group in Vkontakte Bluedio. A link to the group and the draw I’ll leave at the end of the review.

So the first thing I would like to mention is the possibility of ordering and delivery of most headphones Bluedio Bluedio from a warehouse in Moscow. Similarly, the model UFO. The experience of such orders arrive within 2-4 days.
However at the time of publication from a warehouse in Moscow you can order the headphone in black color only. If you want to get hold of them in red, white or other colors — will have to wait for international delivery.

Start from the beginning — with the packaging. In addition to the plastic from the delivery service, Bluedio packs their boxes with the goods in an additional cardboard packaging with their own logo. The sizes of the boxes match so that between the original box with the product and the external package is placed exactly only bubble wrap cushioning wrap and package.
Due to this, any turbulence of the product within the delivery time reduced to nothing. And safety brand duct tape logo will tell us — were opened packaging whether strangers or not:

As was expected, the original box came in perfect condition. All corners are intact, no scratches, no dents. In this form it is not ashamed to give, if there was such a goal.
On the box get hung up not much will. It looks strictly and solidly. No crying tear-eye labels and pop. In addition to the image of headphones, their specification and brief information about the brand, on the back of the box has a scratch off code (circled in red), through which you can check the originality of the headphones through the manufacturer’s website.

Features the following:

* Bluetooth profiles: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
* Compatible with bluetooth 4.1
* Operating range up to 10 meters in open space
* Type of transducer — dinamicki
* Speakers — 2 x 50 mm, 6 x 20 mm
* Frequency range — 5 Hz — 25 kHz
* Sensitivity — 120 dB
* Harmonic distortion <0.1% (THD)
* Battery type — Li-Pol
* Time mode music/talk time — 25 hours
* Time in standby mode — 1300 hours

Enough poetry, let’s open the box.
And then I can’t help but note how everything is good and nicely Packed! When I bought the first and most simple headphones Bluedio N2 and S3, even then I had to wonder — how neat and nice boxes came from such a seemingly simple earplugs. But, as I learned later from experience, is the signature feature of Bluedio — quality show your showmanship.
Well, when it comes to the top segment ( UFO is not the most expensive ears Bluedio, but treat their premium segment) that corresponds to the all level. In a rigid box with a lid on hidden magnets located case, which comes complete with headphones. In a special pocket located manual-manual.

Open the zipper on the case and get, finally, to the ears. In addition, there are special mesh pocket in the case are two wire — AUX and microUSB type “noodles” (not to confused in a tangle, unlike the usual round). About the connectivity features and my own observations later.

Let’s just look at these promised 4 speakers in each ear with 50 mm bass and 3 x 20 mm in medium and high:

In short — looked. Now only listen.
By the way! For those who are concerned with the question — is it possible then to change the ear pads when they wear down or inadvertently hurt… I photographed the back side removed by me ear cushions. It is clear that if you gently remove the old plastic mount and instead of them to stick the new — everything is like new.

Although my first UFO, with their active daily use, there is even a hint of wear. For example, a headband covered in very soft to the touch, but as it turned out, very durable faux leather, it is still nowhere near worn out, not peeled off and looks like the first day.
Took a picture of their “old” and ” new ears next:

As I mentioned, headphones are made, according to the manufacturer, aircraft-grade aluminum that combines strength and lightness. And in fact — headphone “metal” they are very light — 335 g. it showed my balance.

It is important to note that the metal is made all the design details, which often break down. Rim/headband under the cover of faux leather it’s made of two flexible metal plates. The plate rim is grasped and clamped in an aluminum bracket. To these brackets are attached to both the headset through folding their loops, and slide allows you to adjust the length of the ears for themselves.
Metal also made the hinges holding the “Cup” with speakers who freely walk in them, adjusting to the ear. But the “Cup” — plastic.

I do not recommend trying to lick the headphones in the frost 😉

Now about wiring the AUX and micro-USB:

AUX — In one review I seen the statement that it will work on headphones via AUX they have to be charged. This is not so. They work through it and in passive mode with a dead battery as normal headphones.
But there is one thing: on the wire they sound bad. That is, a film can still be viewed, but the music will disappoint you. I’ve already seen in the network complaints on this subject and acknowledge — AUX here only as an extreme fallback. Point.
USB can simultaneously charge and listen to music, for example, from the computer. In the computer headphone then defined as a new dynamic — just select them as the playback device in the sound properties. The sound quality at the same time, in contrast to AUX, same as wireless. Ie — excellent.
The first time I saw a UFO and looked where the socket is located to charge via micro-USB, I figured it would be very inconvenient, because the plug wires, I thought, would interfere with the course of the ring, holding a “Cup.” But in practice it turned out that everything is fine — when I put the ears and insert the wire, nothing gets in the way. I tried to take pictures of ears in the working position with the inserted wire.

Just in case (no manual) tell how to drive these headphones:

— Turn on the headset: press and hold the Central round button to voice signal “power on”. Headphones will turn on, will blink the diode and the headphones will automatically contact the nearest familiar device with which it is already matched.
Power off: press and hold the Central round button until the diode stops blinking and not the voice signal is “power off”.
Pairing with the device: click on and hold the power button until the signal “power on” continue to signal “pairing”. After that find on a connected device (computer/phone/tablet) headphones available in the list to pair the devices. They will appear under the name “U”. To produce the mate.
For pairing the headset with the second device: turn off bluetooth on the first device and the earphones themselves. Then log back headphones in pairing mode and connect with a second device similar to the first.
— To increase and decrease the sound volume, press once respectively to the + and — buttons switching tracks — press the forward or back buttons “<” and “>”
— enable 3D mode — press and hold until you hear a beep the button “>”
— turn off 3D mode — press and hold until you hear a beep the button “<“

For those who want to know the management of incoming calls, hold, set, etc. — the manual in English at all.

Now let me share a little of your own experience and observations of those half a year that I listen to these ears.
In my opinion, it’s just a great wireless headset! They are reliable, they never killed himself during these 8 months, they really sound good, they are comfortable to wear and look decent UFO. I like their strict smooth style.
I’m sure many know this, but I would still be noted for those who are wearing wireless ears immediately said — “Yes, my ancient AKG wired for 3 pennies sounds cooler”… Friends, unfortunately at the moment it is not correct to compare the sound wired and wireless headphones. The problem is the limit on data transmission via bluetooth A2DP profile — it is simply not comparable with the possibility of wired devices. Even different kinds of codecs like aPTX not change things. So please understand that when there is an evaluation of wireless headphones — they can be compared in terms of sound quality only with the same wireless. But technology does not stand still, and I am sure that soon the data transmission speed reaches the required to broadcast lossless lossless.

Once the UFO got to me last fall, I immediately carried them to compare the Bits to a colleague at work. Participated in the testing of the whole team =) All agreed on the fact that both the earphone do not sound as good as each other but sound a little “different”. Tested on different people with the same diverse passages of the same music, using the same losing devices.
And it was me who brought them “cold”. A couple of weeks they “warmed up”…

I wouldn’t want to talk about “warming up”, I just know for myself (and I buy a new ears quite often) — after headphones for a long time was played diverse music — they begin to sound. Although I admit, earlier I considered it a nonsense.

UFO have a huge volume reserve. I like to listen to loud music but even for me close to the maximum values of the volume these headphones remain extremely high.

You know how it is when you took the thing and began to use it, even thinking about the convenience? This occurs when nothing hinders, and you don’t even notice it. Headphones sit perfectly on my head, do not press or slip. In principle, as R+ Legend I sometimes have to wear them for long hours, and I start to hurt the ear. Headband simply and quickly adjustable for length, one ear, you can always move back and continue to feel comfortable.

Listening to music daily, I have to charge them once a week. Sometimes every two. They honestly keep their 20-24 hours.

Charging time:
Then it turns out that I usually set them to charge at night before sleep. And so it is difficult to think of a situation where I’m impatiently tapping foot in anticipation of their charge. I will not lie if I say that a full charge they last for 2-3 hours.

I’m sensitive to this parameter. But while UFO cause I have only positive emotions about this. Leatherette, which is primarily thought of surrender — it looks like the first day, the ear pads are not cracked, an aluminum — clear, kept to cheer. Let’s see… so far everything is more than fine.

Thank you for your attention!
In conclusion — a link to the official Bluedio group in Vkontakte, where I won the ears:
But here it was — vk.com/video323621271_456239024
All Beaver!

PS still don’t know whether it was right to indicate that the product “provided by the store.” A point they say “post paid for by T. K. p. 18”. But it is not — the headphones were not provided to me in exchange for a review and no I did not pay for it.
Also — the post is completely based on the experience of using headphones a UFO for 8 months, bought with their own money. And the new that I won in a random lottery, I used just to show the unboxing. Although he could get an old box and manual (still preserved) and do the same.

I tried to be extremely correct when indicated in clause 18. And I ask You to respond not to make sweeping accusations of bias and prepay review. I tried for those who will look for the info before buying.

Thank you.

The product is provided for writing a review of the shop. Review published in accordance with paragraph 18 of the Rules of the site.